Decoupage Pro Workshop
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You love to create but you've got so many questions.Now you'll get your answers.

Want to be able to create show-stopping furniture and stand out from the crowd?

Are you ready to create pieces without rips, bubbles and constant frustration?

With this workshop you will:

  • Understand what papers to use for your furniture for a professional result
  • Become a pro at applying your paper without rips and bubbles, every single time
  • Have clarity on how to pattern match paper on your furniture 
  • Create pieces that stand out and sell

Here’s what you'll get inside:

✅ Your must have tools to make application super easy
✅ What papers to use for the best finish
✅ Creating a design that fits perfectly
✅ Applying your paper without rips and bubbles
✅ Leaving the frustration of cutting papers on the furniture behind you
✅ Creating super straight lines for that professional finish

Sign up for this easy to follow 90-minute workshop and leave with a step by step plan to create your professionally decoupaged furniture. 

The Workshop is pre-recorded and you can watch it whenever you like. 100 day access is included.

This is what some of our students were saying after they completed the Masterclass:

“I wasn't going to paper these lovely Avalon Yatton drawers but when I collected them there were several patches of damaged veneer. Damaged veneer cut out, wood filler, sanding and decoupage. The decoupage finish on this piece is so much better than others I've done thanks to Kata's tips so thank you”


“Ok so this is my piece I finished, I’ve not finished the handles and it’s a dresser so I have the top part to finish off too!! I’ve barely got any scrap from the paper I used so I’m over the moon!!”


“Just loved this process did it with cheap paper as a start will invest in more exotic paper next time but love the outcome all the same.”


“I've been resisting starting a piece and I'm so glad I did. This is the very first thing I've upcycled and I've learned so much.”


“I did this dressing table after the master class and I have to say Kata it’s a game changer doing it your way!”